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How to lose weight as a couple: easy tips

Very often, if you want to take an important step, you need support from the people around you. And if your beloved one comes to the rescue, then nothing is impossible! In this article, we will provide some proven weight loss tips for couples.

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Set a shared goal

Estimate how many extra pounds you and your partner need to lose, and then add the numbers together! To achieve results, weigh yourself regularly and record your body measurements.

Change the way you eat

Avoid roasted meat and deep-fried donuts and chips: bake, boil, simmer, steam, or grill your favorite foods instead.

And so that the dishes do not seem bland, try experimenting with spices and seasonings, marinate your dishes beforehand.

Don’t say no to the foods you love!

If you love sandwiches, pizza, and sushi rolls, come up with delicious alternatives!

For example, you can substitute white bread for whole-grain bread, make yummy vegetable rolls, and cook pizza with diet toppings!

Tip: nuts and dried fruits, fresh berries, and fruits are a great alternative to cakes, chocolates, and candies — you just have to get used to them!

Increase your protein intake

The menu of obese people is high in fat and carbohydrates and low in protein. Meanwhile, protein helps to strengthen muscle mass, thanks to which a person loses weight faster. Protein gives you a feeling that you are full, minimizes the risk of overeating, and is not stored in your body.

Add dairy products, dietary meats, fish, seafood and legumes to your menu.

Your portions shouldn’t be equal

For example, a woman needs 100 grams of brisket, and a man needs at least 200 grams. But remember: even if your portions need to be a little larger, this does not mean that you should overeat!

Divide responsibilities

It’s obvious that it will be easier to achieve your goal if you help each other in everything.

For example, you are in charge of preparing breakfast in the morning, so you wake up 20 minutes earlier, and your partner picks you up from the gym in the evening. On Saturdays, you buy groceries together, and on weekdays you take turns preparing healthy food.

Do sports together

This does not mean that you have to do the same things! If you enjoy swimming and your partner loves workouts, find a fitness center where you can do it at the same time!

In addition to that, find a physical activity that will unite you. Let it be an evening walk or pulling out weeds in the garden.

Try cheating

It sounds strange, but it works!

If the weight loss process is “stalled”, give your body more calories! Once every 2 weeks, you can “load up” with your favorite hearty food — pizza or ice cream, a slice of cake, or even fried chicken!

Cheating acts as a psychological relief, preventing possible breakdowns. The next day after cheating, have a fast day with cucumbers, cottage cheese, or kefir.

Don't become hermits

Striving to quickly lose weight and get a beautiful body, many people prefer to stay at home for months, avoiding familiar restaurants and cafes (‘cause there are so many temptations out there!).

Keep going out and seeing your friends, but never forget about your goal and keep yourself in check.

If the restaurant does not have a dietary menu, order some vegetables, a piece of lean meat or fish, and fruits. It is better to refuse alcohol since it makes you gain weight.