Wrinkle-Free Smiles with Dental Implants

Dentistry in the UKDental health improvement has quickly become one of the top priorities of many Brits. This comes with the desire to improve appearance and aesthetics, which has led to the boom of cosmetic dentistry in the UK, as more people are looking to break the stigma that comes with damaged or missing teeth.

Apart from the damages that missing teeth bring to one’s oral health, they also affect the appearance, as they can promote wrinkle formation. As this becomes a growing concern, more people are looking for dental procedures to avoid this premature ageing.

Dental experts all over the UK like, Edinburgh Dental Specialist, consider dental implants an effective aid in the reduction of wrinkles, as it does the following:

Improves Smile Structure

A nicely-shaped smile requires more than good bone structure. Teeth account for how big and wide a smile can be, its loss risks the shape of the smile and affects the way the facial skin.

With dental implants, gaps are filled and the bite is improved. There are also fewer areas that are likely to develop wrinkle formation.

Improves Facial Structure

Since the mouth makes up the lower half of the face, without teeth, the face shrinks. With less teeth in the mouth to rest on, it is forced to create an unnatural bite that risks one to look older.

With dental implants, the face has the possibility to become more square, creating less opportunities for the skin to sag. This does away with the marionette-like wrinkle formation around the mouth that reduces the appeal of the cheekbones when smiling.

Dental implants act as more than just gap-fillers. The next time you lose a tooth and is hesitating to have it replaced, think of all the wrinkles that can make you look old. Smile without the worry of gaining more wrinkles on your face with the help of dental implants.