World Travel: Israel’s Most Incredible Tourist Attractions

Traveling in IsraelIsrael is a nation seeped deeply in religion, heritage, and history. It remains as one of the world’s most significant centers of religious confluence. The Holy Land is a perfect place for those seeking a culture-filled, naturally beautiful, and no-frills holiday destination. oultines some of the exotic land’s top rated tourist attractions:

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is famous for being one of the most intriguing and off-the-wall attractions in Israel. Known to be extremely rick in salt and minerals, the Dead Sea is the planet’s lowest point. So much so, no one can ever sink in its 400 meters below sea-level waters. Surrounded by the Great Rift Valley, the area offers plenty of hiking opportunities to adventure seekers.


Jerusalem’s brick colored montage offers a fitting summary of its glorious past. Walk along the historical walls and cobbled alleyways of the old city, or witness the tangerine hued Dome of the Rock at sundown. Serving as a holy place for the past 16 centuries, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre is another popular religious site in the area.


Jaffa is a relaxed and laid-back town that serves as Israel’s major commercial port. The destination is an attractive union of the old-world and contemporary wonders. Jaffa has several historic cafes, old streets, and a multitude of sightseeing options. Tel Aviv, with its chic eateries and modern metropolis feel, is located a short drive away from the town. It has some of the country’s most attractive beaches.

One Destination, a Diverse Experience

Israel offers a variety of cultural, natural and religious experiences. From the Old City quarters of Jerusalem to the chic hot spots of Tel Aviv, the country offers abundant options to satisfy your wanderlust.