Why Upcoming and New Parents Should Quit Smoking

CigaretteWhen you are about to become a parent and you’re just waiting for “the day” to arrive, you do realize that you are putting your future baby, and your wife, at risk by your smoking? This is especially true for moms who inhale second-hand smoke whether it’s directly or inhale the cigarette’s leftover particles hanging on to your drapes or the car’s upholstery. Here are some of those scary effects.


Also known as cot death, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS targets children less than a year old. Mothers who smoke are recommended not to share a bed with their children if they are four months old and below because of the high risk of SIDS. Babies exposed to cigarettes before they were born have more than twice the risk of SIDS than children who aren’t.

Middle Ear Disease

Also known as Otitis Media, this disease causes blockage or swelling of the middle ear which causes fluid build-up as well. This can cause fix mobdro app not working possible hearing loss and have been connected to long-term speech problems, along with behavioural, social and developmental regression.

Cancer During Childhood

If the first two effects mentioned earlier haven’t convinced you to take stop smoking tablets or seek professional help to stop smoking, then this effect should. Studies by The International Agency for Research in Cancer, show that children who have smoking parents have higher chances of having brain tumours, acute lymphocytic leukaemia and hepatoblastoma (rare kind of liver cancer).

This short list doesn’t even include the large number of respiratory effects that prenatal and postnatal exposure to second-hand smoke can do to your child. Some of these include asthma, allergies, acute respiratory tract infections, bronchitis and pneumonia. With all of the possible health issues your future offspring can get due to your smoking, do consider getting expert help. Your upcoming baby’s health depends on your quitting the habit.