Why Private Dentists May be a Better Option

Private DentistThe Commonwealth Fund issued a report in 2014 ranking the National Health Service (NHS) as the best public healthcare service in the world. It provides services to more people in the UK despite smaller funding compared to the US. 

The scope of the NHS is certainly wide, but it is far from perfect. When it comes to dental health, it may be better to go to private dentists in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Dental Specialists suggests.

Not All Treatments are Included

Basic checkups and treatments are available with the NHS. You still have to pay for most of them, but at a lower price than for private treatment. However, the NHS does not cover some important treatments, such as dental implants and cosmetic dentistry unless medically necessary. This is because the NHS is only for basic services. Looking good and feeling confident is not medically necessary.

You Have Fewer Options

You are also limited to whatever the NHS is willing to subsidise. People under 18 can get free orthodontic treatment, but they cannot choose the type of braces. The same goes for fillings and dentures, of which there are many types.

You Have to Find a Dentist to Take You

Many private dentists also work with the NHS, so your dentist may still treat you. However, dentists only take in a limited number of NHS patients if they also have a private practice. If the quota is full, you will not be able to get an appointment when you want. You can either find another dentist or go on the wait list. You may have to wait quite a long time for a slot, and you have no assurance you can get appointments any time you want even if you are already a registered patient.

The NHS dental service is a great option for many people that need basic care, are willing to wait, and do not have the money for private care. However, if you can afford it, it is better to go to private dentists in Edinburgh.