Why Choose Invisible Braces Over Metal Braces

Invisalign Services in BoiseSome people feel insecure when they have teeth misalignment problems. Good thing there are a lot of cosmetic dental procedures out there that can finally help you get rid of this problem. Just one visit with your cosmetic dentist is all you need to know your options. Right now, a popular procedure for people of all ages is Invisalign.

According to Caring Smiles Dental Clinic, Invisalign in Boise is the use of plastic braces that are hidden behind your teeth so they aren’t visible to other people and won’t affect your speaking and eating habits.

Here are some of the most valuable benefits it has over the traditional metal braces: 

Look Normal

One common problem of people who wear braces is that the treatment affects how they look. Metal braces are visible to everybody and can potentially make you even more conscious about your appearance. With invisible braces, this problem is avoided because your teeth can be straightened without anyone knowing you’re actually wearing braces.

Get Rid of Oral Health Hazards

The traditional braces are made of metal brackets which can scratch, puncture, or damage areas of the mouth. That’s why some people find it hard to wear metal braces, especially during the first few months. All these oral health hazards disappear when you decide to wear Invisalign instead. The braces are made of plastic which won’t irritate any area of your mouth.

Faster Aligning Process

People who wear metal braces usually wear them for three to five years, depending on their age when they underwent the process and the severity of the misalignment process. On the contrary, you only need to wear invisible braces for one and a half years to two years. Not to mention it’s more comfortable to wear them.

What are you waiting for? Consult your cosmetic dentist now and find out if wearing Invisalign is a good option for your particular teeth misalignment issue.