When to Get a Root Canal Treatment

toothacheIf you have an infected tooth, it might be necessary to have a root canal treatment. There are several possible causes of an infection or an inflammation, and a root canal can help with the problem, alleviate the pain and at the same time, keep the tooth. Getting a root canal treatment in Indianapolis is easy.

Causes of Inflammation

There are several possible causes of tooth inflammation or infection. A deep decay of the tooth usually goes unnoticed until it starts to be a pain. Repeated dental procedures can also lead to infection. A crack in the tooth is another probable cause, which only a dentist might notice. Tooth injury without any visible chipping or cracking can also lead to pulp damage. If left untreated, pulp damage can lead to excruciating pain.

There are several signs and symptoms to look out for. These include pain, along with prolonged heat or cold sensitivity, tenderness to the touch or when chewing, and discoloration of the tooth. There would also be some swelling, drainage and tenderness of the lymph nodes, nearby bone and gum tissues. These are not sure signs, as sometimes there are no symptoms.


Root canal is a form of oral surgery where the teeth’s pulp. If the pulp is infected, the only way to remove the infection is to remove the pulp. This is a tricky procedure that requires a skilled specialist, as the pulp contains blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissues. It’s responsible for creating the hard tissues of the tooth during development. It’s located inside the tooth and serves as the physical core of the tooth.

The dentist conducts an operation to remove the inflamed or infected portion of the pulp. The insides of the root canal are cleaned and then filled to seal the space. During another visit, a crown is placed on the tooth to protect and restore full functionality.