When Chemical Disposal Goes Wrong: Health Risks of Environmental Toxins

Health careWhile chemicals play a vital role in the development of today’s world, it has become evident that these products, when improperly disposed of, can cause harm to people. There have been countless cases of people suffering from medical conditions due to constant exposure to chemical waste.

The problem with chemical exposure in the United States is turning into a big concern due to the widespread use of these products by businesses and households. Researchers have identified a number of toxic chemical releases in Nevada alone.

The Elko chemical waste disposal staff of EnviroCareHazmat.com recognizes the potential health risks of exposure to environmental toxins:

  • Cancer

Studies have linked hundreds of chemicals as causes of cancer. As research shows, exposure to high levels of chemicals for a long period, whether in the workplace or home, may increase the risks of cancer.

  • Cardiovascular Diseases

Apart from cancer, environmental toxin may also have an effect on the cardiovascular system. Some of the conditions associated with prolonged exposure to chemicals are hypertension, arteriosclerosis, abnormal heartbeat, and decreased blood flow.

  • Developmental Conditions

Toxic chemicals may also impair the development of a child. These may include birth defects, low birth weight, and behavioral and biological dysfunctions.

  • Skin and Sense Organ Diseases

Dermatitis and photosensitization may also be an effect of exposure to chemical waste. Certain gases, such as ammonia and chlorine, may affect the eyesight. Cadmium and nickel may damage the sense of smell.

  • Respiratory Disorders

Exposure to chemical substances may result to respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, pulmonary edema, and emphysema.

  • Other Diseases

Researchers have found different chemicals as a possible cause of body system disorders, such as problems with the reproductive, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, endocrine, and nervous systems. Chemical exposure may also weaken the immune system.

Proper Chemical Waste Disposal Needed

The problem of chemical exposure will always be a threat, unless people start taking initiatives for proper waste disposal. Your contribution to this cause can make a difference, no matter how big or small it may be.