What to Do and Where to Go to When You Have Missing Teeth

Missing TeethWhen you have missing teeth, the gap can be unsightly. You’ll start becoming self-conscious when appearing in public. Social awkwardness is not the only problem you’ll have. If the gap persists for an extended period, then the remaining teeth on either side might be overly strained. It is also likely you will develop gum disease and suffer from severe tooth decay. Sometimes, the missing teeth affect your bite, which can lead to other problems such as temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Your dentist has the skill to replace missing teeth

Who can help you get new teeth? You don’t have to go far. A general dentistry practitioner near you offers comprehensive care, including assessment and fitting of false teeth. If you feel more comfortable with a specialist, then find someone with experience in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Their skills are especially useful if you are interested in cosmetic false teeth. These are modern products shaped and formed to provide greater comfort. Another specialization you can explore is restorative dentistry. Check out the local online registry of dental practitioners and browse the list for a professional with the right qualifications.

What if false teeth become damaged?

You should take good care of your teeth once you start wearing them. However, in time, the acrylic dentures may not fit as perfectly as your gums and jawbone changes form. To prevent bigger problems later on, get Ill-fitting dental appliances fixed immediately. Visit your dentist as soon as possible for this kind of problem. Scott Dentistry advises you seek the help of denture repair specialists in Mesa, AZ for broken dentures as well.

A fixed bridge is one way of solving the gap in your teeth. Another method is the use of dental implants. The more conventional approach usually entails using false teeth or dentures. If you prefer a conservative intervention, then false teeth are your best option. They fill the space where your natural teeth used to be. They also provide support for the lips and cheeks.