What is Bioremediation and Why Should You Choose It?

Oil spillBioremediation is the more affordable and organic way of remediation in Utah. It uses tiny microbes to help with the cleaning of groundwater and contaminated soil. The said microbes or organisms eliminate contaminants, such as petroleum, pesticides, oil, and solvents by feeding off of them. Here are some of its other benefits so you know if it’s for you:


Bioremediation is a completely natural process with less to zero harmful side effects. It is totally organic and safe, so it will not harm your site. If you’re environmentally conscious and you would like to be a friend to Mother Nature, then this is the way to go. It has zero disturbances and the process is 100% organic.

Minimal Equipment

You will most likely only need the microbes to start the process, so you would not need too much equipment for it. Some of the equipment you would need is readily available, including well drillers and pumps. It’s more cost-efficient and affordable in the long run.

Lowers Liability

The microbes and organisms work hard to feed off of the contaminants, so you can make sure that nothing can escape. This is also one of the reasons bioremediation is cost-effective and has a high success rate.

No Dangerous Transport

It can be implemented in situ, which is the application of bioremediation in the subsurface. The process can be done in an unsaturated area including groundwater and saturated soils.

There is almost zero energy consumed, as the only ones that will be getting to work are the microbes. Compared to incineration and landfilling, remediation is also energy-efficient.

If you want to go the safe and convenient route, then go for bioremediation. You won’t regret making this decision for your operations.