Volunteering Isn’t Just About Helping the Less Fortunate

singaporeSingapore provides its citizens different avenues for self-fulfilment. The city-state’s schools rank high globally and residents have access to top-rate healthcare and entertainment. What more can you ask for from a country?

Despite the affluence and privilege of Singaporeans, they still care about their country and how they can contribute not just for their nation, but for others as well.

Helping the Less Fortunate

The National Youth Council’s survey in 2013  revealed that volunteering to help the less fortunate ranked only 15th on goals set by Singapore youth between the ages of 15 and 34. Young Singaporeans prioritise having strong relationships, buying a house, learning new skills and gaining new knowledge higher.

Despite the low ranking on their list of priorities, Singapore youth is comparable to the rate of volunteers in developed countries in North America and the UK. To this end, the different ministries of Singapore like MINDEF.gov.sg provide youth with volunteer opportunities in their chosen field and interests.

Serving the Country

With all the benefits given to citizens, people also have the opportunity to give back to the country. Singapore’s youth can do their part in defending the state and helping the military through the volunteer corps and the mandatory National Service.

Participation in the corps is not just about touting and firing guns; there are different ways you can contribute to the country. Whether your talents are in medicine or communication arts, you can participate and do your part. The different fields in the volunteer corps will take advantage of your skills.

The Importance of Volunteering

The spirit of volunteering plays an important role in any society; it shows that people care about others, to the extent that they do not wait for the government to act. It also puts nationalism in its proper context. Do the citizens care for their country? Are they willing to serve when called to duty?

You have different ways to show your nationalism and love for country. Your talents can shine in your chosen volunteer work.