Unwelcome Pests Could Be Killing Your Health, Home, and Finances

Indiana pest controlPests are not just disgusting; they are also health risks. A lot of these critters carry diseases, destroy property, and burgle your property in search of food. In Indiana, mosquitoes, worms, and bees have been wreaking havoc these past few weeks. California, meanwhile, has confirmed squirrels at Yosemite National Park have tested positive for the plague.

Whatever kind of pest you’re dealing with, quick response is always an important step in handling these unwanted critters. Especially for rodents, you want to deal with them in a safe, quick manner.

Disease Carriers

Rodents carry a variety of diseases, be it directly or indirectly. This includes Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, the plague, rat-bite fever, South American Arenaviruses, the Colorado Tick Fever, and other major diseases.

Most of these illnesses are fatal, and even if they don’t kill you, they can be debilitating.

Home Wreckers

Ask any Indiana pest control company, or your local exterminators, and they’ll tell you rodents are serious property-damaging pests. These creatures can eat away at almost anything, which include organic and inorganic materials.

Having a rodent-infested home means the structural integrity of your property is at considerable risk. This not only affects home value, it also puts your family’s safety at risk. Excrements from these unwanted critters can leave unsightly marks and foul odors throughout the home, and can become serious health hazards.

Fire Starters

Since rats need to keep on nibbling, they can quickly go through paper, wood, rubber, plastic, and other things they can get their hands (or teeth) on. That includes chewing on electrical wirings, which is a fire hazard for any home or building.

Pests are never welcome in any home. As soon as you notice signs of an infestation, call in the exterminators and let them deal with the problem before it gets worse.