Under the Sun: Playing Outdoors

Playing OutdoorsDo you remember when Pokemon GO was all the rage for young people and children? Launched July 2016, it rapidly soared to the top of the app charts as almost forty-five million people jumped into the craze. 

The number of players soon declined as quickly as it increased; the game lost around 15 million players by August.

Real World Fitness

In spite of the game’s brief worldwide fame, it perhaps accomplished one thing that no video game has ever done. It successfully invited players to actually walk around in the outside world to catch Pokemon, and all of the players actually did.

Stuck to the Screen

For most children nowadays, only video games hold their attention for long periods of time. They, more or less, are no longer interested in nature and the world outside of their homes and video gaming consoles. Parents should be alarmed by this phenomenon.

Nature Benefits

Researchers have said that children who have stayed in their homes, playing video games, can have issues with their gut health, immune system, mental health, and even thinking abilities. Playing outside, even in a suburban or urban setting, can benefit your child physically and psychologically.

Fun and Freedom

Specifically, out in the great outdoors, children will have more freedom to express themselves and to explore the world. Physical activities can develop their fitness and development. Even playing in the sun can boost your child’s vitamin D levels.

Parental Encouragement

When you want your children to explore the world outside your home, you can do so without the help of an app like Pokemon GO. You can simply encourage them to go outside and play. You can even join them to urge them on. In your community, you can band with fellow parents to fund the construction of a play area with outdoor play equipment. Children in your neighbourhood can play there.

Video games are a great way to have fun; even adults are enjoying certain games. Even so, video games can never replace the adventures anyone can have outdoors.