Tying the Knot: Great Wedding Photography Ideas You May Want To Try

Wedding PhotographyWhile traditional wedding photos taken with the family members and the bridal party still remain popular, wedding photographers have come up with unique concepts meant to instill your fun personalities into the photography sessions.

If you’re the outgoing kind of person who thinks that the traditional fairy-tale concept is boring, Elati Wedding Photography shares awesome wedding photography ideas you and your spouse may want to try on your big day.

The Vintage Black and White

Black and white photos have a unique appeal to them. This style never gets old and it can be applied to different wedding trends. Whether you’re looking to have a hippie style ceremony or a classic wedding, this is definitely worth looking into.

Hollywood-Inspired Glamor

Perfect for spouses who are adventurous, the Hollywood-inspired photo session is fun and adds some excitement to the photography session. You get to be creative as well as experiment with different poses.

Chasing the Light

If you’re looking to capture the best lighting in your wedding photography, the best time is 2 hours before sunset or early in the morning from around 8:30-9:00 am. Morning hours give you the blue sky and water in your photos while the sunset time will give you a nice background with eye catching colors.

The Wet Concept

Couples who enjoy water and playing in it may want to try this. The photographer takes you to a pool or beach in your wedding garb and takes your photos as you both have fun.

Trash the Dress

An excellent choice for brides who are witty and playful, the trash your dress concept is not only creative, it’s also fun and can be carried out in various different ways. Additionally, the photographer can bring grease, paint or confetti that will be used to trash the dress. This creates a rocker chic or a nineties kind of appeal.

These trends are becoming increasingly popular and are perfect for couples who are into arts and fashion. Talk to your wedding photographer about your preferences and what you would like include in your photography package. It’s your big day, and your photos should capture just how special the occasion is.