Twenty-Something and Losing Hair: How Could This Be?

Hair Loss Hair loss is a common symptom of ageing but these days, people in their mid-twenties can also suffer from it. It does not matter what gender you belong in either. Some women can experience drastic hair fall that may lead to a significant loss of hair. The top side of your hair may become visibly thinner or you may have specific patches on your scalp. The thought of hair loss this early can be a worrying cause for most people.

While there are solutions available nowadays for hair loss such as FUE hair transplant, not many might be aware of it, according to Fue Clinics. Understanding what causes hair loss in women can help lessen your concerns of this problem ever happening. Here are some things that might be contributing to excessive hair fall in women.


Women, who work while also busy taking care of their family, become prime targets of drastic hair loss. The levels of stress put on a person can affect the release of hormones in the body. In this case, stress allows the body to release more testosterone, which can contribute to a symptom of hair loss. This hormone can interrupt with the proper growth cycle of hair.


The place you spend the most time in might be affecting your health. When your office is located somewhere pollution is at higher levels, you are most likely to be prone to hair loss. Pollutants can stay on your head for long hours and affect the growth of your hair. If you work in a factory and constantly expose yourself to chlorine and some types of metals, they can affect your scalp. Detoxifying yourself from within can help release these harmful substances from the body.

Taking better care of your body is the trick to prevent hair loss. When all is lost, you can always get checked for permanent solutions to this problem.