Travelling on the Cheap in London is Possible: Here’s How

Travelling in LondonLondon is a place that gave us the queen, the Buckingham Palace, Harry Potter, James Bond, bangers and mash, fish and chips, a fondness for bold and vintage patterns and a love for tea and biscuits. For most Brits, it is what they call home. It may sound ridiculous to most people, but travelling in London can indeed be done on the cheap.

London Travel Hacks

Unbeknownst to travellers, it is possible to get around the city without spending much — that is, if you know where to go and how to budget wisely. According to Nomadic Matt, a world-renowned travel blogger and speaker, exploring London can indeed be 'hacked' as he was able to do it himself in 10 days for $700. How? By taking advantage of deals, downgrading his meals to two 'nice' meals a day, and by using his frequent flyer miles to book his supposedly expensive flight.

Saving on Accommodation

To save on accommodation, you can try sleeping at university residence halls, which provides good amenities that include a clean bed and room, a washbasin, and shared bathroom, kitchen and entertainment facilities. You may also opt for a room at an affordable hostel in London

Other experts also advise tourists to take advantage of free walking tours to popular landmarks. These free walking tours come with discounts the money from which you can otherwise spend on tickets for a play or a city pass. However, be cautious if you're going to dine at restaurants a bit away from the city centre, or else seek the advice of locals about nice, value-for-money restaurants. Lastly, try to collect maps and guides as these also contain coupons for good deals around the city. 

London is one of the most expensive places in the world, no doubt. But with some ingenuity, one can take home new experiences from this great city. Get ready to be dazzled!