Travel to Laos that offers lots of surprises for wanderlust and gives awe experience

Mekong RiverTucked away in the heart of South Asia, Laos pack a lot of surprises for wanderlust people. The country has most striking landscapes, cultural heritage that dates back centuries and a repertoire of monasteries and stupas that can captivate any tourist. Most parts of the country are still undiscovered by the outside world. The country is very safe and the people are incredibly hospitable. Let us introduce you to this peaceful country that is fast finding its place on the map of world tourism for all experiences.

These two attractions in Laos are definitely the most popular and much awaited to try for anyone who visits the country. It uncovers one of Asia’s hidden gems that have been kept quite so long.

Adventure day cycling & kayaking along the Mekong

To enjoy REAL ecotourism, discover unique cultural treasures and past temples, monument and sculptures, biking in a slow pace and surreal kayaking along the Mekong River will make your experience worth it! Mekong River runs over this Indochina region. This greatest river of South East Asia offers exciting and exotic destinations to travellers. Through biking experience, several secrets of beauty in nature and architectural valuables can be seen. Kayak its river and you’ll discover something you’ve never seen before.

Elephant Riding & Trekking

Another perfect adventure that Laos can offer is the much awaited and never-before experience in Laos. Ride this gentle giant of Asia, the elephant that will let you see the whole wildlife wonders of this place without any hardship. They are tamed and easily can be ridden. They also bath and you’ll get wet within this experience. As an elephant trek the jungle, it will unravel several nature boundaries and rainforest wonders that will make you relax and take away stress. This experience guarantees that it will make your day wonderful.

What more can you ask for when you visit Laos? The experiences it offers will definitely make your dream destination a true to life.

Rural experience is one of the best things to do in Vietnam. Embark for the most guaranteed adventure of cultural reverence, food galore, nature trips and water discoveries as you enjoy Vietnam’s timeless beauty. The great blend of modernity and traditional living is widely seen over its colonial citywide structures and a little travel outskirt of the city, stunning attractions and natural beauty of its regions can be seen.  Generally, any passion you desire for a dream, whether to discover, learn, experience or enjoy, the country has a wide attractions to offer.