Top Ways to Convince Parents Who Refuse Home Care

Lady with her parentsWhen your parents reach a certain age, they may start to need help with their daily activities. But sometimes, you can’t be there for them, especially if you already have to take care of your kids and go to work.

In this case, looking for home health care services in Arlington is an ideal solution.

However, it is common for some seniors to resist home-helpers. In fact, this is one of the most difficult challenges for caregivers. If your mother or father becomes agitated to have a nurse at home, what can you do to calm and reassure them? Read on to find out.

Talk To Them Early

Before a health crisis happens, talk to your parents about their plans when they grow older. You can discuss hypothetical situations and see how they would feel about hiring a nurse at home. Learn as much as you can about their worries, whether it’s about the cost, lack of privacy, or losing independence. It is important to show them empathy and not undermine their feelings in order to build trust.

Take It Slowly

Suddenly introducing a stranger at home can make your parents feel uncomfortable, so set up short visits to weave the new aide gradually. The helper can meet for coffee at first and go along during appointments to the doctor weeks later.


If you can’t overcome all of their objections, you should at least be able to work on a compromise. You can have them choose certain days of the week where a helper can visit. Emphasize that an aide will be there for them during concerts, museum trips, walks, and other activities.

In your attempt to convince your loved ones, be patient and know your limits. Accept that you can’t be by their side all the time and bad things can happen. Maybe your parents need to experience a reality check before accepting a badly needed help.