Tooth Problems that may be Corrected By Lumineers

Girl on a Dental CareLumineers may be the answer if you find yourself hiding your smile or not smiling at all. A beautiful smile exudes confidence, happiness and health. Lumineers are made with cerinate porcelain, making them thin enough to be bonded to the front of your teeth. Not only do they add beauty, they also strengthen and preserve the tooth structure.

For a dentist in Weybridge to determine if Lumineers will work for you, they have to perform an oral exam and a smile analysis along with some X-rays to determine the condition of your gums, teeth and mouth. People having strong and healthy gums and teeth are perfect candidates for Lumineers, as gum disease may affect the longevity and aesthetics of the appliance.

This procedure does not require removal of any tooth structure; temporaries and anesthesia are not used during the bonding process. Here are some various tooth problems that may be corrected through the use of Lumineers.

Stained and discoloured teeth

If you have stains or discolouration on your teeth, Lumineers are one of your choices. Unlike teeth whitening, which only addresses discolouration, Lumineers help to get rid of stains permanently,  Furthermore, they look and feel like your natural teeth and do not stain easily. Danny de Villiers Dentist mentions a lightweight plastic mouth tray may also help remove the discolouration. 

Chipped teeth

When you have chipped front teeth, it may be embarrassing. While bonding may provide a temporary fix, it may not be a reliable treatment if you are looking for a long-term solution. Lumineers help to fix your chipped teeth permanently, giving you the ability to smile confidently.

Spaces between teeth

If you have spaces in between your teeth that you do not love, Lumineers may help you sort out the diastema. After two short visits to your dentist, you may enjoy a sparkling smile with no gaps.

Crowded and crooked teeth

Lumineers may help you fix crowded or crooked teeth if you are not a fan of braces. The ultra-thin cerinate covers and fully corrects misaligned teeth in no time.

If your smile looks good but you would like to make it better, Lumineers may help. With the ability to correct various dental conditions, Lumineers are an excellent choice for people looking for an affordable, long lasting solution.