Tooth Matters: Cosmetic Dentistry for a Lovely Smile

dentistA beautiful smile can make the dark days brighter, particularly if you have that set of pearly whites. Many people go for cosmetic dentistry to restore their beautiful smile. Here are the procedures in cosmetic dentistry.


Veneers are a coating material that protects teeth as well as hide any obvious flaw, such as discoloration and pitting. These also manage overcrowded and broken teeth. The veneer is usually made of porcelain formed into the appropriate shape and then bonded to the tooth. It makes your smile amazing. Good veneer work can last for 15 years.


Cigarettes or too much coffee stains teeth. Bleaching is a good way to whiten teeth. You may even buy DIY teeth whitening kit. But keep in mind that getting the help of professionals is still the better choice.  Bleaching is recommended every six months. Once you have your teeth bleached, avoid drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes to keep the colour of your teeth.

Dental Crowns

These are similar to veneers in that they cover up cosmetic problems. Instead of just bonded to the surface on one side, crowns are hollowed-out artificial teeth that go over the real tooth. They are especially effective for broken or chipped teeth. Dental crowns are a permanent solution to restore a broken tooth.

Parbold Dental Practice says many dental problems are easily avoided with regular checkups and proper oral hygiene. So, maintain a good oral habit. Brush your teeth and floss twice or three times a day.

In case you already have problems with your teeth, these procedures in cosmetic dentistry provide excellent solutions. Experienced dentist can recommend what will work best for your particular case. They can tell you the procedure that will restore your lovely.