To Be Happy, Man Up and Love Yourself

Love YourselfAchieving true happiness doesn’t often rely on expensive cars or a closet filled with basketball shoes. Sometimes, it’s being confident in your skin.

Popular opinion will insist this rings louder for women than men, but studies beg to differ. On the contrary, men are more concerned with their body image. A study from Chapman University in California revealed that personal image is one of the top predictors of happiness for men.

Unfortunately, not everyone’s happy with the way they look. But there’s still a way out of this unhappiness.

A Little Upgrade Helps

Minding hair loss problems with the help of products from but forgetting other aspects of yourself won’t work.

Remember: you are your worst critic. Evaluate yourself in front of a mirror and see which physical aspect needs a little improvement. Do you know what you like or don’t like about your appearance? While it’s easier to identify the cons, it’s equally important to take note of the good as well.

Once you identify these factors, think of how you can play it up.

More of the Pros, Less of the Cons

A positive body image doesn’t mean obsessing over your appearance. It means respecting what your body can do for you. Most guys focus on how their body looks and forget about how it has served them.

Your body is capable of more than just looking good. It tastes delicious food, smells the best scents and sees amazing sights. When you see your body as home and not just a billboard, you’ll be happier with yourself.

Eat Better

The smartest food choices also improve your happiness. Studies show that your choice of food affects your mood. Healthy and fresh foods like fruits and vegetables promote positive emotions. Get rid of junk and processed foods from your diet; fill it instead with healthy treats and meals.

The secret to satisfaction doesn’t involve overhauling your appearance. A little tweak in your habit and outlook can already make a big difference.