Three Ways Music Lessons Can Give Your Kids a Competitive Edge

Learning Music in BostonHave you decided which summer activities to choose for your little ones? While summer camp is often the top choice for most parents, others consider enrolling their kids in musical classes this summer. Here are three reasons:

1. They Improve Academic Skills

There are many studies that show how the brain changes when you learn to play a musical instrument. Music positively impacts the auditory and motor senses of a child’s brain, said Nadine Gaab from the Laboratories of Cognitive Neuroscience at Boston Children’s Hospital.

In one study from Wisconsin, researchers found that preschool children who took piano lessons had scores that were 34 points higher compared to peers who didn’t receive piano lessons. These tests involved spatial-temporal reasoning, which is linked to how the brain learns science, math, and engineering.

2. They Impose Patience and Discipline

Unlike playing sports, learning how to play music involves delayed gratification. Steinway & Sons Madison believes that learning music and playing a piece involves discipline, patience, and determination. The journey from learning how to play the right notes to performing an entire piece is a beautiful experience you can give to your kids.

3. They Improve Dexterity and Other Physical Skills

In a 2014 study, researchers found that piano training has led to “sustainable improvements” in the participants’ upper extremity function. The participants were chronic stroke survivors.

Playing musical instruments has been known to improve dexterity. Regular piano lessons help students learn how to move their fingers fluidly across the scales.

Contrary to popular belief, playing musical instruments is not a sedentary activity. There are many exercises that help people learn to properly play the instruments.

There are many activities your kids can enjoy, and taking music lessons is simply one of the best ways to spend these months. Apart from keeping your kids busy, the lessons can also help them discover what they want to become in the future.