This Time Around Women are Leading Men the Way to a Healthy Heart

Leading MenIt may have started with women. But though the studies that shows large waists mean a shorter lifespan due to increased risks of degenerative diseases had mainly women as specimens, men should pay attention to it more. Not only are men generally living shorter lives than the fairer sex, more of them are dying from heart disease.

Thus, more than women, men should go for a slimmer waist – and find the aid of waist trainers spot on.

Leading Women

Often, major breakthroughs in science and health are led by men – list of elected fellows of Australian Academy of Science shows.

This time around, it’s women that showed the way to health.

As reported by Harvard School of Public Health, studies show waist size could be the best indicator for longevity. Specifically, a comprehensive Nurse’s Health Study which looked into 44,000 women study volunteers over a span of 16 years, revealed that the higher the waist size the greater the risk of dying from heart disease in comparison to average-waist-sized women.

Also, it’s revealed that every inch added to one’s waist size also increased the risk of deadly degenerative diseases accordingly.

Getting a smaller waist is therefore key.

Trimming the Midsection

However, such findings should concern men who are at greater risk of heart disease than women. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics, 53 per cent who die from Ischaemic heart disease in 2008 are men. Compounding this fact, men smoke more but tend to seek professional medical help less.

Waist trainer corsets, in this regard would be most beneficial to men more than women – as novel as the idea may sound. Such a powerful tool speeds up the trimming process of the midsection as it facilitates sweating and helps in the breakdown of unwanted fats hounding the waist.

Luckily, adoption in men for waist trainers have risen over time – though women still make up the overwhelming majority of users. The best part’s men can just incorporate the tight contraption in their exercise routine for faster results.

This time around women are certainly showing men the way – and rightly so.