Thinking of a Facelift? Here is What You Need to Know

Plastic Surgeons in New JerseyAs you get older, there may come a time you will look into the mirror and think, “Do I need a facelift?” Whether we like or not, facial aging is inevitable. But it may reach a point where the saggy skin and the poorly defined jaw-line start to get your nerves and you may start to consider having a facelift. But before you go for the surgery, here are three important things you need to know.


A facelift won’t make you look like that music icon you admire so much. It won’t make your boss rehire you, and it definitely won’t make your spouse come back. Therefore, if you are going through an emotional trauma due to issues like divorce, it is best that you don’t have a facial plastic surgery of any kind.

Having a surgery to pull you out of your depression will make matters worse if you don’t get the end results that you were desperately aiming for.


“How long until my face is fully recovered?” This is a very critical issue that you definitely need to know before throwing yourself into a facelift surgery. As early as 2 weeks, your face will start looking normal and smoother. Nonetheless, you may have some swelling that can take a couple of more weeks to completely subside, and you may also experience some numbness on your forehead and cheeks for some months after the surgery.

Choosing the right surgeon

If you want a great facelift that will rejuvenate for years to come, then look for a professional surgeon. There are a lot of plastic surgeons in New Jersey; however, some of them may not be qualified and experienced enough to administer a facelift, shares Wise Center for Plastic Surgery. Always go for plastic surgeons who are board certified by checking their credentials. Look for a surgeon with a good rapport with previous clients and has the ability to answer your questions before and after the operation.

All in all, face-lifting surgeries like any other surgery will require prior planning. Do not go for the procedure for the wrong reasons; have your priorities in place. More importantly, seek the services of a professional plastic surgeon in New Jersey.