The Truth about Anorexia Nervosa: Why People Suffer From It?

Anorexic Woman Measuring Her WaistAnorexia nervosa is a mental disorder that gives people a distorted view of their body. The condition triggers an unhealthy relationship towards food that causes people to starve themselves. Today, there’s an alarming growth in the number of people who are suffering from it.

The only way to avoid the ballooning case of this condition is to become aware of its causes. To widen your understanding of this disorder, here are the possible triggering factors for anorexia nervosa.

Biology and Genetics

Although there’s still an ongoing study between the connection of genetics and eating disorder, it plays an important role to its development. Research shows that there’s a higher chance for people who have family members or relatives suffering from it to get the condition.

This is due to the familial link they share with them.

Psychological Factors

Another factor that could trigger this condition is the person’s psychological wellness. People who display obsessive behavior and are perfectionist tend to be more prone to the disorder. Because they seem unsatisfied and unhappy with their own body, they have a skewed view of what’s good for them.

They become so self-conscious and develop low self-esteem. This is why a majority of the treatment options for anorexia nervosa focus on improving a person’s self-confidence.

Socio-cultural Pressure

As mentioned earlier, anorexia nervosa sufferers tend to be conscious of the things around them. This is partly because of how their surroundings and culture have cultivated that belief. The society often associates beauty with being skinny and slim, while “obesity” and “being fat” are often treated negatively.

Because of this pressure, it can adversely affect a person’s view towards what’s beautiful and acceptable; rather than what’s healthy and good for them. In other words, they develop a complex surrounding their body weight because of what they see and hear.

Anorexia nervosa is a life-threatening mental condition that must be taken seriously. Knowing what triggers this disorder is a great way to prevent it from happening. That’s why it’s a good start to know these pieces of information.