The Top Five Things to Do in Bath City

Bridge in Bath CityBath City, in Somerset, England, is more famous for its baths echoing the Roman Ages. As a World Heritage Site, the city is known to be a cultural capital for its archaic structures, spas, museums and theatres, among others. Tourism is flourishing with more than a million visitors choosing to reside longer and about 3.8 million tourists visiting annually. With all the sites available to a guest, here are the top five things to do upon visiting the ‘Aquae Sulis’.

1.Spa Breaks

The centre of Bath City houses a number of hotels, and the city has been voted as the world’s favourite spa destination in the UK. Thermae is a day spa in the heart of the city offering baths in nature’s thermal waters surrounded by modern and historical buildings. With conveniences built to serve guests with renewal and inspiration, spa breaks are a must when one visits the waters of Sulis.

2.Admiring the Architecture

What is a trip to Bath City if not to marvel beneath its crowning structures of history? The Gothic Cathedral of the Bishop of Bath and Wells, said to be rebuilt upon an angel’s declaration, had been founded in 1499.

Also, a trip to the Building of Bath Collection provides visitors with unique Georgian architecture and classical design. The city’s streetscapes in itself are worthy enough of photos. The Queen Square and Gay Street offer 18th-century symmetry—literally, a walk down history.

The Pulteney Bridge, constructed in 1770, links the centre of Bath to the adjacent side of the River Avon. Leading to humble shops and Georgian houses, the bridge’s three arches stand above calm waters. A walk through the bridge evokes a vibe that makes it hard to resist conversing with an accent.

3.Museum Trips

There are a number of museums to visit in Bath. This includes the Holburne Museum and its collection of paintings dating back to the 18TH century; the Fashion Museum and the lavish architecture that boasts of 30,000 authentic pieces from the 16TH century; and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy, a restored Georgian townhouse, offering musical relics and various instruments from William Herschel.

Aside from these, there’s also the Victoria Art Gallery, the Museum of Bath Architecture, the Museum of East Asian Art, and the American Museum in Britain. If one intends to spend a lot of his or her time going through pieces of culture and history, Bath City has more than these to offer the intellectual.

4.The Bath International Music Festival

Popular due to its diversity in aural taste and offering, the Bath International Music Festival takes place every year between May and June. Operatic music, chamber winds, orchestral and choral concerts, jazz performances and exhibitions indulging guests in art and discourse welcome festival-goers. The range of featured music travels back to early classical and returns to contemporary, providing everyone with varied cups of tea.

5.Experiencing Local Dishes

Among the epicurean offerings that the city has, a side trip to Sally Lunn’s house is a must. Constructed in 1483, the house is a breathing museum piece. They serve original recipe buns and tea one might call ‘artisanal’. Going around Bath City presents a tourist with more gastronomic options, so feel free to walk around, bask in the beauty of the city, and be adventurous.