The Romantic Side of Singapore: Late Night Date Ideas

SingaporeIt is 10PM and you are still roaring with energy, and see that the streets are still quite busy and crowded. In lively cosmopolitan cities like Singapore, this only means that the night is still young and beckoning you to head out. As a tourist in the Lion City, you should not miss a moment to discover all of the amazing sights and experiences Singapura has to offer.

We all know that the city is a popular destination for business and leisure visits. Based on statistics and rankings, it once became the 5th most visited in the world, thanks in part to luxurious malls and exquisite restaurants. There is so much more to Singapore than just shopping and eating, though.

The Lion City is overflowing with romance; you simply have to know where to look. Get off the bed and start preparing for a night out. This article lists down the best things to do in Singapore with your partner.

Fly a Kite

Spice up your love life. The first activity to try is kite flying under the stars. Imagine the two of you running around, laughing and having fun. There is no pressure, even if you have never flown a kite before or have become so rusty at it. Experience the cold air on your face and let those kites soar in the brightly lit sky. Night kite flying is something you can do at the Marina Barage Green Roof and Jurong Central Park.

Watch an Outdoor Night Show

Sentosa Island should be on the agenda if you and your significant other are up for a thrilling adventure. Here, you and your partner can get a chance to watch an award-winning night show, which is set against the wonderful open sea. Enjoy laser shows, water displays and fire effects that celebrate love and culture.

Go Ride a Bike

Work those legs by encouraging your partner to ride a bike under the starry night sky. Cycling at night is a great way to escape the heat. Don’t forget to put on safety helmets and stroll only within the park grounds.

Singapore offers a seemingly endless list of amazing sights, so you will never run out of ideas on where to go with the person you love most.