The Price of Beauty: 4 Side Effects of Getting Braces

Wearing BracesIt's great that people who wish to correct their gapped or misaligned teeth have all the means to do so. They can have metal or invisible braces if they want.

But, if that isn't enough, they can go under the knife and have surgical dentistry done on them by oral surgeons. Sure, the second one seems extreme, but when you've finished reading about the following side effects of getting braces, you might change your mind.

Discomfort and/or pain

Yes, even if you got your braces in Garforth. Typically reported discomforts include sore, tender, and slightly loose teeth. Mouth ulcers are also reported, but those happen rarely enough. These painful experiences are most likely to occur during the first few days of getting braces, so if you're a month into it and you're still feeling any of the above, you might want to consult with your dentist, recommends Enhancedental.

Stains and discoloration

Braces, especially fixed ones, will block access to a limited area of your teeth. This will make it harder for you to brush them. Then there's flossing. It might be almost impossible to floss effectively with metallic braces, so it's best to keep your appointments with your dentist — your teeth are hard to clean now by yourself.

Shortened tooth roots

This is known medically as root resorption. It occurs very rarely and it's almost impossible to predict anyone's susceptibility to the condition. This is when the root of a tooth is forced to conform to a shape but it doesn't adopt it favourably, resulting in it losing its grip on your tooth. This tooth might then get dislodged easily if it won't stick to being loose. Again, this is very rare, and effects aren't always extreme.


 It's not unusual for teeth to slowly move back to their original positions once you've removed your permanent braces. This is why it's important to follow it up by wearing retainers for a while. In very rare cases, teeth adopt a completely new alignment than expected, although one that is not as bad as the original.

Sure, there are risks to getting braces, but in most cases, the benefits you stand to gain probably outweigh them. Ultimately, the decision is yours.