The Importance of Moving Without the Basketball

Basketball Training You may have seen certain players call an isolation for themselves in parts of the game. Going one-on-one may seem cool because you get to take the last shot or drain a difficult basket. However, these situations often end in ball watching and a low percentage opportunity.

If you review the best basketball teams in the NBA, there is a lot of movement from players even if they don’t have the ball. This is something you want to follow to become a better teammate and player.

Create Scoring Opportunities

According to coaches of basketball training camps, each player has a role on the offensive end of the floor, even if they don’t touch the ball. If you watch the Golden State Warriors or San Antonio Spurs, you will see a lot of movement and action off the ball. Players constantly cut to the rim, make backdoor cuts, roll to the basket, act as decoys or set screens for their teammates.

These actions lead to better scoring opportunities and higher percentage shots compared to isolation plays or trying to shoot over two defenders. It’s easier to get a lay-up, dunk, or corner threes when there is a constant motion on the floor.

Keep the Defense Guessing

The best teams are unpredictable. To do so, a team player must know how to move without the ball. If you are the main ball handler, you must be able to direct the action. Doing so keeps the defense guessing on who will take the shot and where it will happen on the floor. After setting a screen, you can create an opportunity for a teammate, or you can roll to the rim for an easy lay-up or better percentage shot.

Movement without the basketball is important to team success, knowing why you need to do it puts you in a position to contribute and maybe even getting more minutes and touches.