The Ideal Resort Wear for Men: Cool and Casual

Beach wearChoosing the right resort wear can be quite the hassle; you not only have to get something that looks good, but also feels great when you wear it. Unfortunately, majority of the clothes in your closet don’t exactly offer this mix of cool and comfortable, and you can’t always do trial and error when there’s a party in a few hours.

So what exactly is the ideal resort wear for men?

Cool and Casual

There’s technically no standard ‘beach wear’ for men, but the quintessential clothing for the tropical destination has always been a mix of casual and cool fitting. Ditch the suits and pants in favor of shorts and polo shirts. It’s tempting to just wear your undershirt, but remember that your goal is to look good, so make sure to add a touch of refinement and class to your look.

In truth, your choice of clothes should boil down to your choice of material. Silk is a summer material, especially when the clothes have their threads woven loosely. A loosely woven silk shirt allows air and heat to pass through naturally, instead of retaining it as a normal shirt would. Shirts from Tori Richards are good examples as even though they’re made of silk, they’re woven loosely enough that it’s cool even in the most tropical of conditions.

Cotton is another ideal material for more tropical climates as its composition allows heat to dissipate naturally, which in turn reduces overall humidity in your body. If you want to stay cool and comfortable, consider grabbing a few articles of clothing made from cotton and loosely woven silk.

It’s All in the Colors

Another important rule when choosing the right apparel for your resort look is the colors. Naturally, you shouldn’t wear black or anything dark unless you want to be cooked under the sun. Look for and buy pieces that have naturally reflective colors.

White and pastel colors are ideal as they are light enough to ward off heat and light, but striking enough that it’ll look good on its own or when layered with another item of clothing. Make sure to avoid blue-toned clothing, though, as it tends to attract biting insects, such as mosquitoes.

If your destination is the resort or beach side, you need to be smart in your choice of clothing. It shouldn’t just be visually appealing after all, it should be comfortable enough that you can wear it throughout the entirety of the day.