The Horrors of Crooked and Crowded Teeth

TeethCrooked and misaligned teeth may appear to be a simple aesthetic problem to your smile, but it may prove troublesome if you do not address them immediately. Apart from increasing the difficulty of how you chew your food, the condition may also prevent you from cleaning your teeth properly.

It is easy to disregard crooked and crowded teeth as a threat to your smile. But, it is very important to take measures to correct its alignment before it becomes a serious health hazard.

Chewing with a Crooked Smile

Northlight Dental and other orthodontic practices in Milton Keynes say that crooked and crowded teeth make it difficult to chew food properly. Apart from the rather obvious choking hazard this may bring to you, it also puts unnecessary strain on your jaw muscles and your teeth themselves.

Due to the uneven alignment, teeth bump and grind with each other in awkward and unnatural positions that make chewing and eating food very difficult to do. You also risk breaking the tooth, especially when the unusual positioning of your teeth causes them to collide with the harder surfaces of other teeth.

Food naturally finds its way between the grooves and small spaces in our teeth. When our teeth’s alignment is crooked, getting between these spaces during brushing becomes more difficult to do. This eventually causes an accumulation of plaque, which increases your vulnerability to tooth decay, gingivitis, and the formation of cavities on your teeth.

Speech Problems

There is no doubt how self-conscious we can get when we sport a crooked row of teeth, but you will lose more than just your face if you do not address this problem immediately. Crooked and misaligned teeth not only make chewing difficult, they also make speaking troublesome to do.

You will find that some words come out differently when you speak; this is due to the sound making contact with the teeth. Think of your teeth as an amplifier to your voice. If they are positioned in the wrong way, what you say comes out differently.

Crooked and misaligned teeth are an underrated threat, and they do not just prevent you from flashing an award-winning smile. If you want to be free from the terrors of crooked teeth, visit your dentist to find out what is the best treatment or corrective procedure for you.