The Hidden Wonders and Beauty of Wedding Photos

Favourite scene of Cape Town photographersPhotographs have become an essential part of weddings and other special occasions. Your wedding day is arguably the most personal and special moment of any relationship, and you likely have about 100 people watching, more than 50 of them will be taking photos for sure.

More than the traditional shots of the bride, the groom, and their families, it is almost always the candid shots that make wedding photos truly valuable. While these can be difficult to capture naturally, these can really be treasures if your photographer does a wonderful job of capturing it.

It’s Emotions and a Whole Lot More

Weddings are full of emotions, but it’s not just the bride and her friends that can be overwhelmed by it. A photo of the groom making over-the-top shocked faces while listening to his friends tell a story is a great photo that shows the groom’s soft side. If you’re the groom, remembering the telling of the story but not the faces you made is definitely a pleasant surprise when you get the photos.

Priceless Reunions and Connections

Kisses are a favourite scene for photographers, and the best kiss shots do not even have to come from the bride and the groom. A snap of the bride’s parents or some other couple may seem unusual for most, but it could be the best thing to happen at the wedding if they never kiss.

Cape Town photographers at Clay Jar Photography explain that the simple, candid things are usually the most memorable scenes for photos. Every handshake, kiss, and teardrops from joyful hearts show how blessed and magical the special occasion is.

Privacy Makes Things More Intimate

Photos of prayer sessions between the bride and her bridesmaids or the groom and his groomsmen capture scenes that often cannot be expressed in words. The gentlemen huddled together in a circle, the bridesmaids helping the bride get ready captures priceless emotions that can never be repeated again. The best part is often the reaction of the bride and groom getting the images back and seeing it for the first time.

When you think of weddings, you often think of the big moments such as the dress, the walk down the aisle, the cake cutting, and the first dance. In reality, however, it’s the thousands of small things throughout the day that really define the event. You never know when that glimmering smile or that “wow” moment will come, but having the guests and a professional photographer capture the whole celebration ensures you would not miss a thing, even the scenes you did not see.