The Great British Dentistry Crisis

British Dentists in BrentwoodDentistry in England is one of the most modern in the world – you have the most amazing innovations, from clear aligners that straighten the teeth invisibly, to titanium implants that can completely restore a smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise — It is more accessible than ever, with competitive prices that pull hundreds of people into the dentist’s chair. MiSmile, a network of British dentists, even maintain that the cost of Invisalign treatment is lower than that of other orthodontic methods, as it is a faster, more cost-effective method.

Unfortunately, Britain is currently experiencing a major dental crisis in the form of a cavity epidemic.

‘Third World Levels’

62,500 people in England are admitted to the hospital for dental decay every year. About three-quarters of them consist of children, amounting to 46,000 minors with rotten teeth. This is a cause for alarm among dentists in the country.

The Telegraph likened it to ‘Third World levels’, as this amount of widespread dental decay among the general population is comparable to countries whose health care is lacking.

This is a source of confusion and frustration, as England actually has a well-established dental care system. There is the NHS, and many communities are switching to fluoridated water in a bid to improve dental health. Why is the UK experiencing a dental crisis?

Only a Few People See a Dentist

Almost 1.7 million people in England have not seen a dentist within two years. This is nearly 48 per cent of England’s population. Some people simply do not want to go to the dentist.

There are some theories as to why people are refusing to go to the dentist:

  • They are unaware of the necessity of going to the dentist regularly
  • They are uncomfortable with dentistry and experience anxiety over the procedures
  • They believe that dental treatment is too costly
  • They think that do not need dental treatment
  • They think that going to a dentist is a waste of time

Ninety per cent of all tooth decay cases is preventable. Even if you feel that you do not need any dental treatment, you should make an effort to visit your dentist at least once a year. People are encouraged to visit their dentist so that this nationwide dental crisis can be averted.