The Dentist in Harley Street and The Tooth Fairy

dentist at workChildren love a good story and the tooth fairy myth has been around for a long time. The modern tooth fairy myth is thought to have developed in the 1920s in America but there are records of a ‘tooth-fee’ being paid for children’s teeth as early as the 13th century in Norse writings. The tooth fairy can be a useful ally for the dentist in Harley Street when they are working with children.

Parents are encouraged to start bringing their children to the dentist as early as possible. This means as soon as their baby teeth start to come through. As they get older, they may need more encouragement to visit and that’s when an imaginative dentist, like Harley Street Dental Clinic, might start to use something like the tooth fairy tale to help children enjoy their visits the dentist in Harley Street.

How can the tooth fairy help?

The tooth fairy is said to leave money in exchange for children’s teeth. Everyone knows that she likes quality goods for her money and so it can be useful to tell children that they must care for their teeth properly so that the tooth fairy will want them when they fall out. They need to understand that, while it is natural for teeth to fall out, they are at their best if they fall out at the right time and not before. A note from the tooth fairy detailing good brushing techniques with pictures can help make the job of a dentist in Harley Street much easier.

Most baby teeth fall out naturally but sometimes one or two might need assistance, especially if adult teeth are already trying to come through behind them. In these cases, the dentist in Harley Street can let a child know that they are collecting extras for the tooth fairy. Parents can help create positive anticipation for this procedure by using props like a tooth fairy cushion.

When children finally get too old for the idea of the tooth fairy, they will hopefully already have good memories and constructive associations with the dentist. This can go a long way towards ensuring that they keep up with their future dental hygiene check-ups.