The Carnival Thrill: Amusement Parks Hijack Your Brain

Theme ParksFor the regular thrill-seeker or person who just wants to have fun, the theme park is the place to be.

With carnival games, fun rides and endless treats, theme parks offer a temporary distraction from the rest of the world and its problems. Most people have fond memories of amusement parks as a child and a number of them regularly visit as adults.

Have you ever wondered why some adults are crazy for these carnivals despite their age? According to science, amusements parks are capable of ‘hijacking’ your brain.

Feel the Rush that Keeps you Alive

Roller coasters and other tall rides can raise the hair on your skin. Some visitors drag their scared friends towards these ‘scary’ rides because apparently, no theme park visit is complete without these.

True enough, no theme park experience is complete without the screaming while you drop to near death. While riding on a roller coaster is terrifying, it offers a euphoric feeling once you reach solid ground. Even if you are not a big fan of these rides, the adrenaline rush makes you feel alive.

Experts believe that you still enjoy these drops because deep inside, you know that you are still safe.

Romance is in the Air at Parks

Amusement parks are one of the best locations for a romantic date with your significant other. Apart from the possibility of grabbing hands during scary rides (which is a plus), most people also develop attraction when they are in exciting situations like summer vacations or a trip to a fantasy world (a.k.a. the amusement park).

Long Lines and Big Crowds = More Love, More Food

According to Sentosa Online Store, theme parks are never without the endless lines and large crowds of friends and families. For some people, these are the worst parts of any amusement park, but for your brain, these are actually the best.

Research suggests that waiting in line helps you appreciate the ride better by building anticipation. With bigger crowds, your brain provokes you to be spontaneous due to the presence of strangers. It makes you feel anonymous; therefore, less accountable for whatever you eat or do.

Theme parks are one of the best places on earth — even your brain thinks so. Rather than succumb to your fear of heights, take the plunge and just have fun.