The Basics of Dentures: Maintenance and Cleaning

DentistDentures require upkeep too. Just like any other dental equipment, they are subject to wear and tear. As they come in contact with food, dental equipment such as dentures may collect dirt and bacteria.

This may cause the early deterioration of the equipment, or some serious health problem. Before it causes any problems, you need to learn how to take better care of your dentures. Here are some tips.

No Toothpaste

You might think just because your teeth need it, your dentures must also be the same. Toothpaste may have ingredients that destroy dentures by scratching them. The abrasion may cause your equipment to have small spaces for bacteria to thrive.

Running water and your soft bristle toothbrush is fine if you wish to remove plaque. To be sure, get brushes specifically designed to clean dentures.

Glass Full of Water

Richmond dentists recommend removing your dentures before you sleep every night. Take them off to give your mouth a rest from wearing them. You might notice how some people like keeping their dentures in a glass of water. This is to prevent bacteria from directly attacking your equipment.

Sometimes, it is best to use hot water to sterilise your equipment while you sleep. The simple act of soaking the equipment may help remove excess bacteria left. You have to rinse your dentures often to keep it from becoming a nest for bad bacteria.

Missing teeth may cause discomfort and the inability to chew your food properly. You will need a good set of dentures as a solution to lost teeth. Dentures may bring back the quality of your life. Ask your dentist about getting removable dental equipment. It is best to have dental health professionals give you advice on how to wear them.