Tender Loving Care for Ailing Military Veterans

Veteran in Indiana

Individuals who have served the country deserve all the benefits they can get. They are people who have dedicated their sweat, blood, and even their lives in order to serve and protect the country. It may be asked then: who will serve these individuals once they grow old and grow sick?

Decreasing Veteran Numbers

According to statistics, only around 620,000 veterans of World War 2 are alive today. They are the only ones left of the 16 million who served during the war. Many other veterans, apart from those who served in the war, are nearing the end of their lives as well. You may have a loved one here in Indiana who has served and is terminally ill.

Care for Veterans

Thankfully, your loved one can get a hospice care for veterans in Indiana. Veterans can enjoy the benefit of hospice care as provided by the government. Hospice care is a specialized service that aims to serve your loved one and even the family during advanced illness. The service provides capable physicians, nurses, and caregivers to care for your loved one.

Included Benefit

Now, you can choose to have the hospice care delivered to your loved one either at home, at an outpatient facility, or in an inpatient facility. All veterans can avail of the service as it is included in their VHA Standard Medical Benefits Package. They can only avail of the service, however, if they actually have a clinical need for it.

Qualifications and Provisions

Veterans can receive hospice care if they have a terminal condition, have been given less than 6 months to live, and receive no other treatment other than palliative care. The specific offerings of hospice care include pain relief management and symptom control as allowable to your loved one’s religious, cultural, or personal beliefs. It also provides bereavement support.

In the last stages of a person’s life, much more a veteran’s life, a peaceful environment just what he or she needs. You can bring further care to your veteran relative through hospice care.