Teeth Straightening and its Discreet Options

woman having her teeth checkedWhen it comes to teeth straightening, patients want the most discreet option as possible. This is especially true in most adults and older teenagers who want to avoid having a metal mouth. The good news is orthodontists now offer a variety of not-so-obvious braces, which are ideal for image-conscious patients. Two of the most popular options are ceramic braces and invisalign.

Discreet Options for Teeth Straightening

Ceramic braces are like the metal ones, but with clear or tooth-colored brackets. They’re less noticeable than traditional braces, as the brackets blend into the teeth. Some orthodontists even use tooth-colored wires to make them more discreet. The main drawback of clear ceramic braces, however, is that they’re more fragile and can easily stain if you don’t take care for them well.

Invisalign, on the other hand, uses clear removable aligners made of plastic. The aligners are custom-made and have to be replaced every two weeks. Many patients like invisalign, as the aligners are almost invisible. It also allows them to eat or drink whatever and whenever they like. The main drawback, however, is that it’s more expensive than other types of braces and may not work for serious or severe orthodontic problems.

Choosing What Suits You Best

While options like these are available, Southpoint Quality Dental and other Fredericksburg orthodontists suggest talking to dentists to find out what type of braces suits you best. If you qualify for both ceramic braces and invisalign and could afford them, you can now move on with the treatment. If not, however, don’t rule out the option of wearing metal braces.

Metal braces today have smaller brackets and are less noticeable. It’s also good to know that they’re strong and durable and can fix almost every orthodontic issue. The best part is conventional braces are the least expensive type. This is why if your orthodontist suggests this type of braces, you shouldn’t be afraid of wearing them.

Braces, regardless of what they’re made of, only have one goal and that is to straighten your teeth for better oral health. Just be sure to follow what your dentist advises and don’t insist on an unsuitable option. Contact an orthodontist today and find out the type braces that suits your situation and budget.