Sweet, Gooey and Absolutely Healthy

candiesChocolate and candies may seem like bad indulgences, but a lot of people cannot help but give in to their sweet cravings. Most people with a “sweet tooth” just have to have their favorite candy bars anytime, anywhere. After all, what’s better than a slab of your favorite chocolate or a mint after a day’s work?

Think of your favorite sweet treats like the Colorado almond toffee and remember why you just can’t get enough of it. In spite of all the health risks attributed to sweets, chocolate and candy industries remain strong because of the millions of sweet-toothed people around the world.

Gooey Yet Healthy? Yes, It’s Possible

Ferncreekconfections.com, provider of sweets in Colorado, says you shouldn’t hold back on your sweet cravings. Although sweets should be consumed in moderation, these sugary treats actually possess numerous health benefits. Some of them include the following:

  • Live Longer – Expert research have found that candy lovers live longer than those who are not. Moderate consumption on a daily or monthly basis resulted in the best health benefits.
  • Robust Heart – research also shows that chocolate, particularly dark chocolate, helps reduce risks for heart failure. The more but reasonable amount of chocolate per week, the better the chances of avoiding a stroke.
  • Improved Focus – The US Military have been incorporating chocolate in their troop rations since World War 2. Other countries also have chocolate and candies in their military rations. Sugar can keep a person focused and working for a longer period of time. When you have a large project to accomplish, trust chocolate or candies to get you through.
  • Insulin Booster – A study discovered that regular consumption of chocolate can help reduce danger for diabetes.
The Importance of Eating in Moderation

While chocolate and candies offer numerous health benefits, it’s important to still watch what you eat. Too much sugar is bad for the health; it can lead to diabetes and other health problems. Satisfy your sweet craving by eating everything in moderation.

Next time someone says that sweets are bad for you, hand them a list of the health benefits of chocolate and candies.