Stop! 3 Habits that are Injurious to Your Oral Health

Dentistry Provider in AvonMany people have poor dental hygiene, which causes them to incur a boatload of trouble with their teeth. The article highlights some of the actions that are dangerous to the health and well being of teeth. 

Many people spend a fortune in the pursuit of perfect teeth to accompany a perfect smile. While some people have it easy, others require the intervention of a dentist to make it happen.

Dentists often suggest and recommend the use of braces as a corrective measure to misaligned teeth, which works like a charm in getting your beautiful smile. Most people endure the braces phase quite bravely as they look forward to the beautiful, visible results. However, some mistakes can put your teeth at risk of damage.  

Ignoring your dentist’s advice

After the teeth get back in alignment, many patients often assume that the results are permanent to the point of avoiding further dental follow up. Sometimes they are just conscious of having the dental devices in the mouth. As such, they often skip on retainers that are necessary to ensure that the effects of the braces last. Rather than risk a relapse, following the direction of your family dentistry provider in Avon gets you permanent results.  

Chewing on ice

As fulfilling, as it might be to chew on the ice during a blistering hot day, you are best leaving the ice at the bottom of the glass. Ice subjects your teeth to hot and cold condition, which makes the enamel layer to expand and contract rapidly. While, it may not be readily apparent, the action results in micro tears in the teeth.

Leftover a long time the crack becomes significant and eventually lead to your teeth chipping off. The massive force necessary to grind the ice only serves to exacerbate the cracks.

Brushing immediately after eating

Although your dentist says to brush at least twice in a day, you should be very specific about your brushing routine. Other than using good toothpaste and brushing technique, you should never clean immediately after having a meal. Most of the foods have acidic content, which weakens the enamel. Cleaning in such a state makes your teeth susceptible to abrasion, creating small tears.

While perfect white teeth are desirable and beautiful, people often engage in behaviors that encourage and hasten the destruction of their pearly whites. By avoiding these destructive behaviors, you can safeguard your teeth from damage.