Spread the Joy: Top Reasons to Smile More Often

photo of a woman smiling and showing her perfect teethThe benefits of a simple smile are known, but despite that, a lot of people tend to shy away from it. Lack of self-confidence perhaps? In Meridian, cosmetic dentistry has helped many people gain more confidence and smile without hesitation. A dentist from clinics like Scott W. Grant, DMD has a lot of tricks under his or her sleeves to improve your smile.
A smile is contagious, and so is the joy that comes with it. Discover more incentives for you to smile more.

Smile Makes You More Attractive

It’s a fact that people are attracted more to those who smile a lot. There’s something about this simple act that creates all that positive energy in people’s minds. The next time you’re in a group, try to smile, and you’ll see that people are attracted to you more.

Smile Makes You Happier

Endorphins in the brain, a hormone that has a similar effect to morphine and codeine, are released when you smile. This has the effect of improving your mood, relieving stress, and making your situation pleasant.
If you can make it a voluntary act, you can actually trick your brain into releasing more endorphins and make an otherwise dull situation a happy one.

Smile Improves Your Health

Another effect of smiling is that it actually makes the body produce more white blood cells than it normally would. The purpose of white blood cells is to protect the body from diseases making your body more immune to it.
People who smile a lot make others happier too. You’re not just doing yourself a favor when you smile; you make the world a better place. So smile more. It won’t cost you a thing.