Skiing and Snowboarding Clothing: The Differences

Skiing ClothingWhen you’re looking for winter sports clothing, you may be overwhelmed by the range of choices available to you. You can choose among the many brands out there from North Face to Arc’teryx to a Bogner women’s jacket. What makes things even more complicated is ski and snowboard clothing.

Seems the Same

You may wonder what differentiates ski clothing from snowboard clothing. At first sight, there is not much difference really. Both kinds of clothing are specially designed for winter use, are waterproof, and very durable.

Look Closer

For many, whether it is ski or snowboard clothing, it’s all the same to them. For more serious skiers and snowboarders, however, you know there is a world of difference between ski clothing and snowboard clothing.

Protects Different Areas

Take pants, for example. Ski and snowboard pants are the same except for a few features. Both kinds of pants have paddings in specific areas to protect you from injury. Ski pants usually have padding in the hip and butt area. Snowboard pants have padding in the knees and butt as well.

Fits Differently

The fit of both types of pants is different too. Ski pants are more tight and form fitting. You can connect this to the fact that skiing is a racing sport. To ski fast, you need the least amount of drag as possible. Snowboarding is more of a trick play like skateboarding, and so, snowboarding pants are loose to allow better movement.

Features Different Styles

The same goes for jackets. Ski jackets are made to be aerodynamic, light, and mobile for the fast movement of skiing. Snowboard jackets, on the other hand, are heavier, quite long, and baggy for the movement-heavy snowboarding.

Again, for beginners, ski and snowboard clothing are interchangeable. It is important to know the differences between the two types if you are very serious and dedicated to skiing or snowboarding. Snowboard clothing for a skier can keep you from going fast. Ski clothing on a snowboarder can keep you from performing tricks well. You don’t want either of those to happen.