Short Breaks: Spending Less for a Luxury B&B Stay

B&B Stay in BathWhen planning to go on a short break far away from home, it will be nice to know that you have a place to sleep which share the same comfort as your home. When in Bath, you can find many luxury bed and breakfasts with a quiet and peaceful ambience yet ideally located within proximity of the city centre.

If budget is your problem, know that you can take a break on a budget. Bailbrook Lodge and other known accommodations list some guidelines on how to spend less for accommodations on your short breaks in Bath:

Think Small, but not Necessarily Low-cost

Hotels are obviously more costly than B&Bs, mostly because of taxes. In the U.K., a hotel may have a higher tax rate once it exceeds a given revenue threshold. The additional tax is then passed on to unsuspecting guests.

Avoid Doing Outside Business via the Hotel

If you need tickets for a show you want to see, for example, go out and buy the tickets yourself. This way, not only will you save more, you will also learn more. If you ask the front office to get you some tickets for a show, you may not get to see what you intend to see. Sometimes, tour organisers and hotel managers conspire to herd tourists together for a “cultural show,” so you can all bore yourselves together in a cheesy cultural presentation performed specifically for tourists.

Do not Buy All Your Meals at the Hotel

Hotel rates are government-regulated based on rating or class. To make up for the imposed price ceiling, your hotel may require you to buy lunch or dinner at the designated dining hall, especially during peak season. While it may not be too costly, it would be better to explore better dining options outside. Sure, breakfast may be included in the room rate, so you have to avail of it.

If you go on a regular short break away from home, you may want to stay in the same luxury B&B each time. Ask if you can get a discount for being a frequent guest.