Safe Food Preparation: Guidelines Every Restaurant Must Follow

Preparing A Gourmet MealSafe food preparation methods protect both the consumers and the employees. The government has many guidelines and requirements on food hygiene that restaurants must follow to be allowed to do business.

If you ever plan to open your own restaurant in Queensland, get a food hygiene certificate so that you can apply safety protocols through every step of the process. Basic guidelines will specify how to store, prepare, cook and serve the food in the proper manner.


Food naturally contains bacteria, which is why proper storage is required to ensure that it stays fresh and to minimise the growth of bacteria linked to food poisoning. Food must be packaged and stored in a clean facility to prevent contamination. Dry foods must be kept in cool, dry areas, while other products have to be either refrigerated or frozen to prevent spoilage.


All employees that will handle food at any point in the process must follow proper hygiene guidelines. Hand washing before handling food is necessary. Hands must also be washed after touching potential contaminants, such as toilets, garbage, hair or other body parts, which may transfer bacteria to the food.

Hair must be tied back and covered with approved headwear; food handlers must also wear clean, protective clothing over regular clothing.

All tools and equipment must be clean, and cooked food must be kept separate from raw food to prevent cross contamination.


While serving the food, it is important that all surfaces be kept smooth and clean. Your waiters must avoid contaminating the food before they reach the customer by following proper serving instructions.

For example, they must never place their thumb on the inner rim of the plate, making sure only to touch the outside edges. Hand washing and neat, tied back hair are requirements.

Be sure to get staffs that are certified in food handling. Every restaurant must have at least one food hygiene supervisor on the premises to ensure that their food is clean and safe to serve.