Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness: Fact or Myth?

dental careA number of misconceptions surround root canal (endodontic) treatments, mostly involving whether these procedures are painful or not. These fallacies, more often than not, hurt patients in a different way, as they generate fear of the dentist and dental treatments. To avoid more people developing dental anxiety, here is the truth behind one of the most common root canal treatment myth: endodontic treatment causes illness.

According to the myth, several websites claim that patients who underwent root canal treatment developed some kind of diseases, such as cancer. Many believed the fallacy as a study by one Dr Weston A. Price supported the claim, saying the treatment contributed to the occurrence of illnesses.

His analysis, however, proves to be quite insignificant as scholars say the research is long-debunked and poorly-designed. Moreover, Dr Price did the research ages ago (1910 to 1930) during the time when the science and medicine sectors have yet to fully understand the causes of different diseases.

Debunking a Common Myth

At present time, there are no scientific pieces of evidence that link root canal-treated teeth to an illness elsewhere in the body, which then debunks the long-believed-to-be-true myth. Many dentists in Harley Street and any other places would recommend root canal treatment over the traditional tooth extraction.

Endodontic treatment, in general, is an effective and safe dental procedure. In fact, this applies to cases where patients have a severe infection in their tooth. Dentists designed the treatment to eliminate the bacteria from the infected area, avert reinfection in that root canal and save the natural tooth.

Explaining the Previous Study

Many attempted to copy Dr Price’s research, but were unsuccessful. These specialists then insinuated that poor sanitation and imprecise research techniques may have significantly affected the findings. Besides, there was less knowledge about proper care at that time.

Compared to tooth extraction, root canal treatment seems more safe and logical because it prevents bacteria build up better. For patients who are experiencing problems in the root canal, there is no other suitable solution than endodontic treatment. After all, the myth that it causes illness remains a myth.