Root Canal Misconceptions You Need to Put to Rest

woman undergoing root canal treatmentIf a dentist told you that need a root canal, you probably feel scared about the treatment. This may be due to things you have read or stories you have heard from friends. While root canal therapy is one of the most dreaded dental procedures, there is no reason to fear it. In fact, it can end your pain and even restore your oral health.

Root canal centers in like Smile Designs Dentistry in Manteca, CA share the treatment myths you need to stop believing:

The procedure is excruciating

Pain is what most patients think about when they are told they need the treatment. If this is the same for you, know that the pain is mostly due to the infection in the tooth, not by the procedure itself. Root canal treatment, furthermore, is done with local anesthesia to numb the affected area. You may feel some minor discomfort after the procedure, but OTC pain medications can offer some relief.

Pulling the teeth is better than getting a root canal

Tooth extraction should always be the last solution when treating an infected tooth. This is because it is the most traumatic dental procedure, resulting in some repercussions. If a tooth is removed, it is likely that the adjacent teeth will shift and cause alignment issues. There may be some tooth replacement options, but this will require additional cost because of the additional procedure.

Root canal causes diseases

No evidence proves root canal therapy causes diseases in the body. Negative claims and information about the treatment were debunked many years ago. A root canal is a safe and an effective procedure that eliminates infection and bacteria that cause pain. It also saves your natural tooth, which can help you enjoy eating the foods you love and maintaining your natural smile.

Don’t let fear hold you back from saving your tooth. Contact your dentist today and learn why you shouldn’t think twice about getting a root canal treatment.