Room Dividers Can Be Decorative and Functional

Room Dividers in SingaporeRoom dividers are used to break up large living or office spaces. These dividers come in various styles and varieties. Just Anthony says there are many types of folding screen room dividers in Singapore that you can opt for. These can be used to add a bit of colour and attraction to the room, as you can get dividers today that are both, attractive and also functional.

  • Different types of dividers

The room dividers usually come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can get room dividers which come with the usual three panels or large dividers with 6 to 8 panels which can stretch to more than 140 inches across the room. You can get room dividers to suit every type of décor that you have in your rooms. These dividers also come in different types of materials such as leather, wood, metal, glass, fabric and also bamboo. You can get dividers with applied mouldings, in an attractive wrought iron and also ones with lovely scenery paintings.

  • Very practical uses

These dividers can also be very functional. Besides dividing the space they can also be used to effectively divide multi-purpose areas such as dining room and living room combinations. You can use them to create cosy small, intimate spaces within a larger space. The most important part is that when you feel you need the large space back as it is, you can simply fold up the divider and store it away. You can also get photo room dividers and dividers with mirrors.

  • Storage options

Room dividers can help you add extra display and storage space in your home. You can use them in the corners and use the space behind it to store your important things. In case you need more storage space, then you can buy dividers which come with shelves. There are four panel folding dividers that come with four shelves in their folds. Thus, it can be a wonderful piece of furniture that can help you display collectibles, store your books and plants and also divide the room effectively.

So it is clear that the sky is the limit when it comes to functionality and beauty of room dividers.