Prescription Assistance Programs: Aiding Low-Income Families with Medicine Costs

A collection of different prescription medicinesThe cost of medicine and hospital care has been increasing for several decades. The Affordable Care Act aims to making it more affordable for those in the low-income bracket. At the same time, there are services, which help make prescription drugs affordable as well.

Industry expert The RX Solution thinks that prescription assistance programs are necessary for low-income groups.

Affordable Prescription Medicine

There are only a couple of ways for drugs to become affordable without additional legislation. One way to do it is to buy the prescription drugs in wholesale and then distribute it at cost, or free. Buying wholesale is a big discount, and the savings go to those who qualify for the program.

Another way for low-cost prescription drugs is if the drug companies themselves had a program to distribute these at cost directly to those who need it. To qualify, the applicant fills up an application form on the company’s website.

This usually requires your doctor to provide the necessary information about your condition or the medication you require. After an evaluation, the drug company will send the prescription drugs to your home or the doctor’s clinic. For refills, it is necessary to place an order several weeks in advance.

In addition, there are several foundations which have programs to help with co-pays. These programs are usually for specific diseases, conditions or medications, such as kidney problems or cancer.


Each program has its own qualifications. The following are the most common criteria to qualify for prescription assistance programs: must be a US citizen or a legal resident; the applicant must have no prescription insurance, and must meet the individual program’s income requirements.

These requirements are directly aimed at providing assistance for low-income citizens without any prescription coverage. The income requirements ensure that those who need the medicine the most would be able to get them.

Prescription assistance programs are necessary for low-income groups for them to manage their medications better. Additionally, it also helps prevent their condition from getting worse, and subsequently getting hospitalized.