Planning Ahead: Helping Your Family Move Forward after You Pass On

Will and TestamentReceiving news that you have a terminal illness can be a lot to take in. Dealing with the initial shock and despair can be a very emotional time, and perhaps making plans for after you pass away might not be high up on your list of concerns.

Making provisions for after you pass on, however, will not only put your mind at ease but allow your loved ones to focus on processing their grief as well. While resorting to a grief and bereavement program is one way your family can cope with your loss, planning ahead can make the financial, legal, and practical consequences of your death a lot easier for your family to handle.

Resolve all Legal and Financial Matters

Drafting your Last Will ensures that your beneficiaries receive the wealth and property you intended to pass down. By removing any uncertainty about their inheritance, the loved ones you leave behind have one less thing to worry about, and it could help them in the gradual process of moving on.

Organ Donation

Donating an organ is a noble way for you to help save or improve a life after you’ve passed away. There is, in fact, no defined cut-off age for organ or tissue donation. You can make a difference, post-mortem, no matter how old you are. Just make sure you make it an Advance Decision and discuss your plans with your family.

They might be more likely to come to terms with your passing away when they know that your wishes are being respected and that you’ve helped another person live better.

Decide on the Type of Care You Want to Receive

Plan on where you’d like to spend your final days in advance. Choosing a calm environment where you and your loved ones can enjoy each other’s company will help you say your last goodbyes with a lighter heart. It will help your family remember you fondly and give them strength to go through the grieving process.

Planning ahead for the end of life will give you peace of mind and help your loved ones cope better after you have gone. You still have time left to live, after all — spending it right could ease the pain of your loved one once you’ve gone.