Oral Health: Improving the State of Your Teeth, Health, and General Well-Being

close up of woman's teethLeading a busy lifestyle, many people tend to lean towards sugary food and drinks since these provide instant gratification to their hunger, not knowing that they’re putting their health and wellbeing at risk.

“You are what you eat,” goes an adage that holds true to date. Unfortunately, most people ignore this saying only to suffer from it afterward. More than eating to satisfy hunger, the food you consume serves as the building blocks of your body. It determines the condition of your hair, skin, body, bones, and even your smile. What you put in your mouth could affect the condition of your teeth and by extension, your smile.

Don’t indulge your sweet tooth

Your inability to resist sugary food is probably the worst thing you’re doing to your life, says credible dentists in Stafford, VA. In addition to setting you up for a host of health issues, pastries, sweets, and sugary drinks wreak havoc on your teeth.

Sugary bits adhere to the cusps in your teeth, setting off a chain of destructive events. Due to its warm and moist nature, your mouth contains microorganisms — some of which are harmful to you. Bacteria could break down sugars into energy for reproduction and produce acids as a by-product. Left for long on the teeth, these acids eat away the protective enamel layer, leading to the development of cavities on the teeth.

Do clean your teeth, thoroughly

If candies call you by name and you can’t resist the temptation, take the next best measure. Make a point of cleaning your teeth as soon as you’re done getting your fix. This doesn’t mean that you’re free to snack or sip on your favorite drink throughout the day, though. Rather, eat snacks at set times then clean your teeth afterward.

Ideally, you should brush with fluoride-based toothpaste and a soft toothbrush after indulging. If that’s not possible at the moment, you can rinse off your mouth with clean water. While not entirely perfect, it dilutes the sugar in the mouth. A drink of water clears or dilutes the sugar to lower the rate of decay and reproduction of microbes.

Watching what you put on your plate and into your mouth is a great way to safeguard your health and wellbeing as well as that of your teeth. If you can’t avoid sugary bites, at least make an effort to clean your mouth after indulging.